Roaming Group Classes

Weekday classes held at various times and locations throughout the community. 


Weekly Group Classes

Level and skill specific classes held on a weekly basis for a set number of weeks.

Private Lessons

Looking to polish skills and handling or want to begin Nosework with your dog?


Private instruction available for teams working at any experience level.


RebeLL Roadshows

RebeLL Noses' Signature Events

Half day training days featuring real world searches in a trial simulated environment.


New locations each month. Level adjusted so every team can learn and be successful.   

Training Club Group Classes

Weekly classes taught by Lauren and Lisa offered by Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County.

Registration handled by Club.


NACSW Trials & Odor Recogntion Test

RebeLL Noses regularly hosts NACSW Sanctioned Events including Nose Work Level Trials, Element Specialty Trials and Odor Recognition Tests